Admission & Registration

    The Online Registration portal for the ensuing academic year  2023 - 2024   will commence from 12th October 2022
    • CBSE: Nursery to Grade 9 and Grade 11 (for both SIBLINGS & NON SIBLINGS).
    • IGCSE: Grade 3 to Grade 9 IGCSE and AS Level (for both SIBLINGS & NON SIBLINGS).

    Points to be Noted:

    • The registration form must be filled within 15 minutes.
    • Any registration done before the above mentioned dates will be considered invalid.
    • Admissions are strictly based on availability of seats. Siblings of students studying in NMEIS & MMEIS will be given preference.
    • For Nursery & LKG admission, the mother and the candidate will be called to meet the Principal on a date (in January 2023) which will be intimated through SMS on the registered mobile number. 
    • The required minimum age as on 1st April, 2023 is as follows.
    • Nursery: 2 year 9 months.
      LKG: 3 years and 6 months.

    Placement Test & Result:

    • All admissions from UKG onwards are strictly based on the performance in the Placement Test, which will be conducted from the month of January 2023 onwards. The dates will be notified by the Office to all the registered candidates
    • The syllabus for the Placement Test can be downloaded from the school website from December 2022.
    • ONLY ELIGIBLE CANDIDATES will be notified through SMS on the registered mobile number within 10 days of the placement test..
    • Once admission is confirmed the seat will be reserved only till the validity date as mentioned in the Admission Slip.
    • Failure to complete the admission formalities within the stipulated time will lead to cancellation of Admission.
    • The Management reserves the right to reject any admission without assigning any reason what so ever.
    • All admissions are strictly subjected to the approval from the Ministry of Education.

    Admission Requirements:

    You are kindly requested to submit the following documents, arranged as per given sequence, at the time of admission:

    1. 1. Copy of Birth Certificate (Certified translation in English or Arabic, if it is in any other language).
    2. 2. Copy of student’s valid Iqama along with Absher print out.
    3. 3. Copy of student's sponsor's (Father or Mother) valid Iqama and Absher printout
    4. 4. Copy of student’s valid Passport.
    5. 5. Copy of student's sponsor's (Father and Mother) valid passport 
    6. 6. Immunization Certificate copy (Certified translation in English or Arabic if it is in any other language). (front & back) 
    7. 7. Original Report cards of all the previous grades from Grade 1 onwards -
      • a) Last academic year report card to be attested by the Saudi Embassy or Saudi Culture attaché or Foreign Ministry of Country of issue if coming from outside KSA.
      • b) Last academic year report card to be attested by the Ministry of Education if coming from any other region within KSA.
      • c) Attested by the Ministry of Education if coming from Non-Indian curriculum within Riyadh
    8. 8. First Semester report card if joining school in Second Semester. (Attested as mentioned in point #7
    9. 9. Fee Clearance Letter from previous school.   
    10. 10. Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school  
    11. 11. Employment letter from Sponsor's or Guardian's Company.  
    12. 12. Student's Admission Form.   
    13. 13. Child’s recent photograph – 3 copies.