Foundation year

Pre-Primary Level (KINDERGARTEN)

 At the pre-primary stage we aim to attain an optimal perceptual and motor, cognitive and socio-emotional levels as the basis for readiness for school education and the life in the society.

The pedagogic approach adopted in the kindergarten draws upon positive education, based on love, and confidence in the child.  As a result their self-esteem is strengthened, their self-confidence increases which is a prerequisite for a healthy self-confidence


The following competences (capabilities) are developed in the kindergarten:

1. Psychomotor competences

2. Personality (intrapersonal) competences

a) The basics of the awareness of self

b) The basics of the engagement

3. Social (interpersonal) competences

4. Communicative competences

5. Cognitive competences

a) The basics in problem solving

b) The basics in critical thinking

c) The basics in creative thinking

6. Learning competences

7. Information competences


Primary Level (Grades 1 to 2)

At the pre-primary level the focus is on developing English language communication, Fine & Gross Motor skills, Social and Emotional development. The subjects introduced are English, Maths, EVS and Hindi. These are supported by regular activities and projects, art and craft, music, aerobics, yoga etc. The students are also introduced to basics of computer science. Learning is fun when it is supported by audio – video.

Upper - Primary Level (Grades 3 – 5)

The curriculum emphasizes on the developmental skills and instils Moral values through Moral Science, Value Education and Islamic Studies. The foundation in Mathematics, Science, Creative writing, Reading and Social studies are further strengthened in a caring and stimulating environment, thereby making the entire learning process more meaningful.

Being the national language of the Host Country, Arabic is taught to all the students. The other languages offered by the school are:–

CBSE : Marathi, Kannada, Telugu,Malayalam, Tamil, French and Urdu.

In Computer Science, they learn Computer Basics, MS-Office, Coding skills - LOGO and Algorithm & Flow charts